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It’s no secret that many video games contain a certain amount of violence.  Children and adults alike enjoy taking refuge in battle, seeking escape from mundane society to spar with artificial-intelligences and other human avatars.

And just as enthusiasts of football or chess watch masters of their craft, so too do gamers enjoy seeing their champions on the big screen. Esports as entertainment has become a multi-million dollar industry, with millions of people tuning in to watch their favourite game. More often than not, that game is League of Legends.

But when the world gathers around their computer screens to watch the two top teams in North America start off the new season,  the game comes to a gasping halt as a player’s death on screen quickly translates to the real death on stage of a popular prodigy.

Detective Norma Keen of the San Monico police department hates her job, and is happy to dismiss the death as the unfortunate accident it looks like.  But some things are hard to ignore, especially when the violence in the game threatens to spill over into the safe and boring lives of the fans.


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This is a murder mystery inspired by classic detective novels, set in the fictional city of San Monico against the backdrop of the of the League Championship Series (LCS). Professional teams of League of Legend players battle each other for prizes worth millions of dollars, and twitter followers worth their weight in gold. An esport watched live by thousands  on site and millions more around the world online.

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